An Open Letter To Anil Kapoor

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Dear Anil Kapoor,

For me, you are Munna, the Jhakaas boy!

You are also the epitome of fitness for me. You have always been the barometer when I have compared physically fit stars. A few of my journalist friends wondered what I had with you whenever I mentioned, ”Look at Anil Kapoor, he is 40. See how he carries himself.” That was over a decade ago. At 50-plus you still look swell. I mean, you will still be able to do a TEZAAB remake!

Tezaab, Mashaal, Eshwar and Beta all impressed me and I have been a huge fan since. Moreover, like I mentioned earlier, it was your fitness that enamoured me most. Of late, commercialization has meant you have not gotten the best of roles to display your talent.

So we have seen you in a Tashaan, Race and Race 2, to name just a few. None of these films have done anything to tap your potential as an actor. On the contrary, Race 2 was a shocker for me for the one line you mouthed so indifferently. ”I don’t have time to pop your cherry,” you say to Cherry your assistant in the film played by the gorgeous Ameesha Patel. Why, I even saw Ameesha squirm at the mention of the line although she was meant to play a bimbette.

Which self-respecting girl would want to hear a crass line like that?

So let’s get to the bottom of this. Your defense would be that you are playing a part in the movie and it is not you. Agreed. But you do have a responsibility as a senior actor (if not just an actor) in mouthing inane dialogues which do no justice to you, nor add weight to the movie.

As an actor, and a senior one at that, I guess you would have a say in drawing the line when stupid lines borders on crass. Bollywood is huge. Youngsters are watching and learning. There have been a lot many Bollywood stars who have spoken their mind on how Bollywood influences the common man after the horrible Delhi incident. You just have to Google to find out as to who said what.

I understand Ameesha’s character was that of a dumb bimbette. But you cannot objectify a woman to an extent where she is viewed as a sex toy. And your constant, unintelligent repartee with her was nothing short of demoralizing to a woman. Especially if you take the current climate in the country with the rising crimes against women.

You still are the epitome of fitness to me in Bollywood and I will still give your example of physical fitness when it comes to taking care of one’s health. This one line does not mean your talent as an actor has been diminished.

You are Mr India. I definitely look up to you to do your bit to make this a healthy society. In whatever small, or big way.

How this line passed the Censor Board is another story altogether. Come to think of it, this is not certified as an Adult movie either!

Martin D’Souza

(This column tries to be as honest as honest can be… )

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