An Open Letter To Farhan Akhtar

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An Open Letter To Farhan Akhtar
Dear Farhan,

Next time, if a journalist asks you how was the kiss with Breeds, don’t see red. It does take immense talent and practice to deliver that perfect smooch.

In all probability, all he (the journalist) might have wanted to know was if there were indeed rehearsals before the final take. And I believe you might have done it in one take!

You know how the media is today… sensational.

Jokes apart, you Excel with your Entertainment, Farhan!

Writer, director, producer, singer, actor… whew! Amazing talent, excellently harnessed, sanguinely delivered. You indeed are a role model to so many struggling youth who may be at the crossroads of their career not knowing which way to go.

You have thrown light on so many facets one can work on and that one need not just be focusing in one area. Creativity cuts through boundaries. But for that you need the self-belief to flow against the tide. You have proved that the absence of fear whilst venturing into unchartered territories takes one places. Of course, some may say that you have the filmy connections and a breakthrough was not a herculean task for you.

But then there are so many Bollywood star sons who have broken through but have not been able to sustain themselves. You have not only broken through, but also stayed and created a benchmark for others to follow.

DIL CHAHTA HAI heralded you in a big way. You were celebrated. Of course, there were disappointments along the way. That is part and parcel of life. You moved on with gusto putting your energies into your next project instead of focusing on your failures. You learnt from LAKSHYA, did not drown with it.

Everyone now knows that you’re a talent to reckon with. A celebrity with star value: an entertainer and also an astute businessman.

What you have done with your body in BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG is not only commendable but inspirational. Not an ounce of fat on your body… and face. It takes a great amount of determination to work towards fitting into a role. Here, you not only fitted into a role but also into a body of an athlete. I’m sure, even the ‘Flying Sikh’ is proud of your portrayal of him on screen.

Playing a character is one thing; being that character takes character. I don’t know how many hours of training you might have endured in the gym and on the track to hone those muscles and gain that athlete’s gait. There also has to be discipline in eating to carve out that body… with eight packs. Terrific!

Years ago, in June 2005 to be precise, (when I met you in your office in Bandra, Mumbai, for an interview with Bombay Times), you told me that you are not in the business to make money. ”Movie-making is an extremely creative and intensely fluid process for me. And I want to enjoy what I am doing and I want people who watch my film to enjoy as well,” you had said.

Well, you have been true to your word. The pain you took in the process of being transformed into an athlete on screen depicts your intensely fluid process.

You enjoyed whipping your body in shape and cracking through an athlete’s mind. We enjoyed watching you race ahead of the pack… Most of all, I enjoyed your shoulder shake with hands in the front!

You have proud parents, an even proud wife and daughters who will expect you to sprint at the next Olympics! Moreover, you have a nation of followers who believe in your sincerity.

Rock On, Farhan!

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza

(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be… )

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