An Open Letter To Govinda

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An Open Letter To Govinda

Dear Govinda

I heard you last week on the radio, whilst driving, gushing about how SECOND HAND HUSBAND was such a nice movie; how “Nammu” has done a fantastic job and how you have laughed hard whilst watching the movie.


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I mean, did you really mean all that you said on the radio or was it to pull wool over the junta’s eyes in the hope of getting them into the theatres. If you really liked it and truly believe it was a good movie and your daughter [whose name by the way is Tina now] did a good job, I admire you for that.

If not, you are setting up “Nammu” for disaster.

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Let me get this Nammu-Tina thing cleared first. I understand Narmada changed her name to Tina for her debut and the RJ kept telling you it is Tina not “Nammu” as you so lovingly kept referring to her. Tina, OK? Narmada is now officially Tina! I believe she would have told you that!

So here is another question. Has she really changed her name; in the passport as well? Or is it just a screen name and you will continue calling her “Nammu”, not Tina, at home?

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Coming back to my earlier question, I believe you have to be fair to your children and tell them the truth and not lead them up the garden path. The sooner you tell her the truth, the faster she will learn and adapt and admire you. Now don’t get me wrong, I know she does admire you.

According to me, the movie was bad. I did not review it because I was aghast. You can read my views on the movie here Narmada, Tina, and the 40 films she rejected for SHH!

Your daughter is a good-looking girl, but she needs to work on a whole lot of areas where acting is concerned. Body language and dialogue delivery definitely tops the list. Also, you cannot have just one expression throughout the movie.

More than that, you should tell her that it was a bad film. What the hell, mistakes happen. Don’t set her up on a channe ki jhaad by telling her she was awesome. For a dad, his daughter is awesome; will always be. But our children will really be awesome and hold us, fathers, in high esteem, when we tell them the truth. Nothing else matters.

The truth will set us free!

You can’t be living in a make-believe world. You have been through the grind. From Carter Road to Virar and back; you have seen all that fame has to offer and how fickle this industry is.

Your daughter will survive, I’m sure about that. You did. Only ensure that you appreciate quality and stress on quality!

By the way, if you take a round of the multiplexes in Mumbai today, and try to buy a movie ticket for SHH, you will know what I mean.

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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