An Open Letter To Hrithik Roshan


Dear Hrithik


I just read that BANG BANG collected Rs 200 crore worldwide in just five days. That must be phenomenal returns for any actor to be proud of. It is even huge for the production house that believed in the project and are now reaping their rewards.


But let me ask you just one question; is money everything for someone in the creative field? Isn’t there something called creative satisfaction that no amount of money can match?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know the economics of film-making is such that the returns have to be first weighed in before the investor pumps in the money. So, a huge star cast is a must just to ensure the distribution rights are not dampened. This also ensures that the initial investments are ‘broken even with’ even before shooting commences.

Coming back to my question, is not content of a film that you do primarily important more than the big bucks? After all, when everything is done and dusted, the movies you did will be spoken about. So is it not wise to get involved in something that has interesting writing, and which will impact youngsters positively, rather than just flying about in fast cars and jumping over buildings and diving into the deep seas?


All these well-choreographed stunts look fine on screen, but for only a certain amount of time.

You arrived with a Big Bang with KAHO NA… PYAAR HAI. What happened? There were some interesting films that you picked up and not so interesting ones as well, like BB.

You are very particular about what you eat and the way you treat your body, because I believe, you want to stay fit, healthy and alert at all times. I’m sure you will be counting the calories when you take in food and also weighing in your mind the carbohydrates and protein intake on a daily basis. That’s because you respect your body and want to stay fit. There’s no denying that there is a certain amount of time also that you spend in the gym to whip up that physique!


Then why not follow the same process in selecting your films? Why not spend a lot of time in reading the scripts you have selected and then re-reading them before you say a final yes?

That’s the BODY of your work!

Although it is not an easy task to pick a ‘winner’ all the time, I bet it is damn easy to smell a junk of a script from a mile away.

You are our top-grossing actor; you are our Adonis!

You are also our JODHAA AKBAR and KRRISH. Our superhero.

Next time, I hope to see you make a positive impact on screen; the impact you have been destined by God to generate.

Because Hrithik, you are destined to reign!

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

The earlier letter written on July 10, 2013