An Open Letter To Huma Qureshi and Radhika Apte

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Dear Huma

What were you doing in BADLAPUR? I may be biased here, but this role was not meant for an actor of your caliber.

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You are one of the very few in the industry with rare acting genes.

This, you proved in your very first outing in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR. I understand that the wait must have been frustrating to get a bite on a good role, but why get down to a level of degrading yourself in a scene where the protagonist is ‘getting at you’ with your [and his] pants down.

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Of course, the situation demanded a scene like that, but why you? It could have still been OK if yours was the only female role that moved the plot forward, and there were no other female interventions. That would have made perfect sense. Moreover, after that act, your role lacked meat.

You deserve better!

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Look at what Radhika Apte did; she smashed the script with her thunderous performance, coming onto the scene towards the latter half of the movie.

Dear Radhika

As a viewer, my heart went out to ‘Koko’ for the sincerity in the role and the sparkle in your performance; powerful whilst just being docile. Mind-numbing!

I believe you were given the choice to choose any of the female characters in BADLAPUR and you deliberately chose Koko because you found her character the toughest. It was not only tough, but also complex.

For me, yours was the number one performance followed by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Varun Dhawan. Actually, all three were on the same ‘level’!

Never have I seen a quiver of the lip add so much to a scene. We have all heard of body language, but that one ‘nervous fear portrayal’ when you were ready to give up your last shred of decency in the bedroom to save your husband, was fantastic. Now that is just one aspect of your performance. If I continue, I can go on and on…

Congratulations. It is performances like these that make a movie worth going miles to see.

Huma, I am looking forward to some smash hits from you. Don’t get repetitive. Get out of the mould. Experiment like Radhika, Varun and Nawaz. That’s what good acting is all about.

You have it in you.

God Bless You

Martin D’Souza

(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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