An Open letter to Kangana Ranaut

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Kya yeh SIMRAN jee legi apni zindagi…

Before you start flicking your hair wondering from where does the iconic SIMRAN played by Kajol from the YRF’s 1995 game changer DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE which established SRK as the global Indian superstar has to do with Kangana Ranaut.

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Well, SIMRAN is the name of the flick that stars Kangana Ranaut – the current flag bearer of a trail blazingly strong fearless woman power who is not at all afraid to take on the big guys. Kangana who hails from Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh is an outsider who remarkably has proven her credentials as an actress in a span of 10 years in this male dominated film industry alleged for favoritisms and nepotism. Kangana Ranaut is a self made star and has fought many odds to reach this stage.

But who is not aware of this fact?. And how many are aware of the truth that Kangana in her appearance in the popular ‘Adalat’ hosted by Rajat Sharma for a leading Hindi channel, was not much then an opportunity restricted to raise those same old stories about her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Pancholi etc, and repeating the same madness all over again.

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 A juicy story is everything that matters?. Why nobody is asking Kangana the tough questions like her allegedly fake claim about approaching the Women’s Commission for help, is such fake feminism allowed?. What about the Apurva Asrani controversy?. Yesterday an AIB video “ Coz I Have A Vagina Rey' spoofing SRK to KJO etc, etc was floating around.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you all that SIMRAN starring Kangana Ranaut and directed by Hansal Mehta is releasing the day after – the coming Friday. Yes, I bet all this will stop by this weekend and till now we don,t know what exactly Kangana is playing in this film written by Apurva Asrani ( Kangana’s claims to have substantial involvement in the writing department that demands a serious debate). However, stars have been credited for story writing before so it’s not about the credit it’s about the claims and counter claims which needed an answer but juicy flashbacks wiped it all.

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And where is the national award winning director Hansal Mehta, the poor director of SIMRAN.. he seems to have been lost in all this hullabaloo. Picture this, Amrish Puri utters the iconic line from DDLJ “ Ja SIMRAN  Ja, jee legi apni zindagi”.. SIMRAN starts running and instead joining Raj who is waiting with his arms spread, she flees with a scooter parked outside the station showing ‘theinga’ to Raj and her papa.. I bet, in my opinion at least the makers of SIMRAN wanted the public in general to know more about Kangana in her upcoming film and not Kangana during those times. Anyways, it’s just a matter of two days.

Dear Kangana, why Hrithik Roshan & Co, where forgotten on the banks of the holy Ganges while releasing the 20 feet-long poster of your ambitious period drama – MANIKARNIKA: THE QUEEN OF JHANSI?.. why you became GAJINI at that time and why the sudden memory gain this time?.

Its only two days.., the world will get the answer. Remember my dear, in the world of art, cinema, glitz and glamour it’s the talent ( which you have in abundance) will make you stand tall and nothing else or else you should be damn lucky like Salman Khan to have such a dedicated following that in spite all the controversies and limited talent, the superstar continues to enjoy the same patronage from his fans.

Again, I repeat like your rewinds.. its just two days.. the world will know..was this madness required.. Kya yeh SIMRAN this Friday jee legi apni zindagi ( will find patronage, survive and live the life as desired on screen ).. Its only two days..

BTW in SIMRAN Kangana plays a 30 year old Gujarati housewife who gets embroiled in crimes. It is speculated to be based on a true story of an NRI nurse who robbed banks to pay off her gambling debts. Later, she was convicted and sentenced to 66 months jail in the US. Bingo! Finally for those ( I guess they are plenty) know what is Kangana Ranaut’s SIMRAN all about.     

Its only two days dear Kangana…. Till then we wish you urf SIMRAN – All The Very Best

( The above write up is a figment of imagination of the writer, the website does not hold any responsibility)

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