An Open Letter To Mithun Chakraborty

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Dear Mithun

Yours is a rags to riches story. You know the drill. You know how the industry functions. Moreover, you also know the business of film-making.

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So it’s rather surprising that you have failed to shape your son’s career the way it should. Being a ‘son’ of the industry, [you know how nepotism works here] it is never difficult to break through. Mimoh did get that break easily. With JIMMY, his debut film, he did display that spark, thus justifying his presence in a film with the focus solely on him.

Subsequently, he has tried but failed. And now with last week’s ISHQEDARRIYAAN, he has once again shown the promise of ‘getting there’. The film, too showed some promise, but Mahaakshay (or Mimoh please figure out one name for him, that’s where the confusion is, I believe) maintained the tenor of his tone throughout. And that is something wonderful for an actor with a dead script.

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As a father and a critic (being an actor yourself) you would know that your son is talented, but for want of direction he is struggling to get the right breaks with the right banners.

After Jimmy released in May 2008, this is how I had described your son:

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“First things first, can Mimoh act? Yes, he has that spark which can take him a long way provided he works as hard as his dad. He dances well, fights well and also emotes decently. JIMMY is all about Mimoh and why not. It’s his launch pad. But the lad needs to take care of his bulk. He also needs proper hair grooming.”

Yes, Mimoh needs to work on his physique. He is too heavy at the bottom. A right dietician with correct ‘exercise guidance’ and determination will get him there. Maybe, you could try fitness expert Craig Scott who is trimming celebrities and upping their endurance levels. Presentation is the key word. Confidence creeps in with the right diet and proper exercise regimen.

Get him off the oily stuff and excessive carbohydrates after 3pm; get him off the sweets too. Get writers to write a role for him and I’m sure producing a movie or getting a producer will not be a difficult task for you. Even getting a big name to star alongside Mimoh would not be a problem.

Give him that decent shot at stardom. He deserves that. You deserve that.

Koi shaq?

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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