An Open Letter To Mr. Decision Maker

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Dear Mr. Decision Maker

I don’t know how to address you, or the issue (hence, Mr. Decision Maker) but I do know that somewhere this missive will reach you. I believe that you would be an amalgamation of many authorities.

You could either be the distributor, multiplex owner or even the decision-making authority on which films get how many screens. I am confused because I do not know how to address an issue where a good film gets no screens and hence no viewers when there are many takers (read viewers).

Tell me Sir; is good content not good enough to ensure a decent run? If the producer/and or director is new to the business aspect of film releasing, can’t you justify the film with a fair release with a decent number of screenings at earthly hours instead of late evening or early mornings?

Agreed, multi-starrers with big banners get to hog the entire region with multiple screenings. That is their haq. But somewhere down the line a reasonable view has to be taken to give good films a decent chance.

Take the recent case of Mahesh Kodiyal’s MAI and Avinash Kumar Singh’s LISTEN… AMAYA. Both good films. And I dare say a must-watch for everyone. But what happened to these two films you know very well. No screens; and the odd screens they got were with even weird show timings.

I know for a fact that a lot many people wanted to watch both these films but could not do so because of the above-mentioned limitations. They are now waiting for the DVDs to release so that they can watch it in the comfort of their homes.

Why Sir? Why this pariah treatment? Give good films a good chance to do good business.

I know at the end of the day, economics is the bottom line. But can you not somewhere make concessions for first-timers with good content to help them reach out to more? Cinema does influence the mind of the viewer and both MAI and LISTEN… AMAYA released last week were fantastic films with a beautiful message.

Will you only glorify violence and digitalized fight-sequences?

Listen… Sir, AMAYA and MAI needed to be watched; needs to be watched. Do something Sir.

Both Avinash and Mahesh are as perplexed as me and the others who share the same dilemma. ”What more can we do?” seems to be their refrain.

You can make a difference, Sir. In your own little way. Avinash and Mahesh have tried, they need your support.

I hope, in future, we do not have to see good films suffer a disastrous fate just because there was no support from the ‘powers that be’.

On second thoughts, it would not be a bad idea if powerful film-stars go all out to support films like these. After all, it is their own they will be helping!

There were heavyweights from the industry for a special screening of MAI and I’m confident that they all loved the movie and would want as many to see it, just like me.

Please Sirs, along with Mr. Decision Maker, do something. Let the world know that Bollywood stands for its own.

Only then will good films see better runs.

Martin D’Souza

(This column tries to be as honest as honest can be… ) 

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