An Open Letter To Ridhima Sud

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Dear Ridhima

To stand out among a crowd, simply by being yourself has to be talent. To make an impact among seasoned actors, again without trying too hard, has to be the Grace of God.

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In short, you are not only immensely talented but also blessed by His Grace. Kudos, to bringing alive the character of Noorie, the little lost kid, who finds her footing in love aboard a cruise-liner filled with manipulators.

It’s rarely that we see an actor hit the right notes and come up trumps. It’s even rare when it’s a crowded scenario. Your performance in DIL DHADAKNE DO has made an impact, which actually an actor gets on debut in a solo film.

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The last time an actor in a crowd blasted us with her talent was Shriswara Dubey in D-DAY. In a crowded scenario she stood out flooring everyone, weaving her way into the role and the plot astutely.

Another actor to have hit the right notes is Nimrat Kaur in the LUNCHBOX. But here, Nimrat had the luxury of this being a film focused on her and Irrfan Khan. She had ample screen time, but that is not to take away from her performance. She was terrific.

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It’s good to see new faces storm the screen with confidence and an assured performance. Hopefully, we will see much more of you in the years to come. It’s difficult, as you would have known, in this industry, to keep going at a steady pace. Shriswara has yet to get that big break. I don’t know what more she has to do? Nimrat, I believe, will be seen in AIRLIFT with Akshay Kumar.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention Cherry Mardia who starred in JIGARIYA last year. Haven’t read much about her post that; I do hope she gets the right break, along with Shriswara.

I sincerely hope you too get the right offers to pursue your chosen profession, despite, coming from a family who put their weight behind academics. I believe you tried the 9 to 5 routine but your heart was elsewhere! You are blessed with a family who are allowing you to do what you like best.

That’s half the battle won. The other is ahead of you!

You can take heart from the fact that another screen Noorie made it big, post her debut in 1979… Poonam Dhillon.

Wish you every success.

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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