An Open Letter To Ronit Roy

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When a director of Subhash Kapoor's repute says, ''Watch out for Ronit Roy,'' there has to be something in it. To be honest, I have been 'watching out' for you since I saw you on Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa a few years ago. I guess it was Season 2 in 2007.

You see, I am not much of a television person. The last time I was hooked onto television was in the early nineties when the skies opened up to India and Santa Barbara and Bold and Beautiful entered our homes. Santa Barbara was my favourite. I watched it religiously, sometimes twice a day, until, three years later I realized that I was being taken for a ride from the Lockeridge home to the Capwell home.

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The only thing that changed in the serial were the characters who played C C Capwell, Gina and Mason. That was my end with serials.

I believe you have been heavy on serials (no pun intended) but since I don't watch them, I don't know about any of your performances in them. I'm sure you would have or are setting the telescreen on fire too with your inherent ability to raise the bar of the various characters you play.

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But yes, I was hooked onto the idiot box the entire Season One of Jhalak because I liked the concept and the various dance forms. It was also well presented. Mahesh Manjrekar was fabulous and Mona Singh was outstanding. Her disco act is still fresh in my mind.

The last time I saw Jhalak was the time you participated. And I chanced upon your act whilst channel-surfing and got hooked onto you.

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You had grace, charm, rhythm and fluidity. You danced as though no one was watching. I believe people lose on reality shows also because of lack of votes. My vote obviously was for you. You left, that was the end of that season and Jhalak for me.

Then came BOSS (October 18, 2013), and Boss were you good! I wanted to fire off a letter to you then because I was absolutely floored by your screen presence and overall presentation of the character you portrayed.

Here is a jhalak of what I wrote in my review then: 
''Ronit is full-on dynamite as the corrupt ACP who works along with the Home Minister in the hope of one day becoming the Police Commissioner. This has to be a first for a villain who gives the hero a run for his money in every department-be it looks, acting, action and dialogue baazi.''

2 STATES was another classy act. UGLY was maniacal.

The movie-goers have high hopes from GUDDU RANGEELA. The entire presentation appears rustic and the cast is an eclectic mix. Also, it is a movie by Subhash Kapoor, whose JOLLY LLB rocked the box office, not by the sheer force of numbers (money) but by way of content, presentation, awards and word-of-mouth publicity.

You have been a part of this industry for a long, long time and you know how hard it has been for you to reach the level you now have. That makes compliments like these all the more sweeter as well as helps you keep your feet on the ground. That's part of maturity, which you have and also bring into your roles.

I will be watching you with special interest in GUDDU RANGEELA.

God Bless You
Martin D'Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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