An Open Letter To Shraddha Kapoor


Dear Shraddha

As someone from within the industry, you have got your chances, fairly easily I must say. But what is amazing is the way you have converted those into powerful performances worthy of the offers that have come your way.

Being a star son or daughter has its perks, but those perks cannot guarantee success. There have been many star sons and daughters who have had umpteen breaks just on the basis of their surname. But how long can you last without talent? Just because your father or mother may have been great actors does not guarantee you the same success.
So it is always with a little cynicism that I view a star son or daughter making their grand entry into films [as though it is their birthright] while better actors struggle to get a decent break. That is sad, because things need to be streamlined for talent to be noticed in this industry.
But you have amazed me with your capacity to entertain right from day one. TEEN PATTI was just the break that was needed for an intense actor of your caliber. You performed as though you were born to be in front of the camera. 
In my review of that film I had written: “Shraddha Kapoor, who makes her debut  steals the thunder. Confident and natural, she flits between the characters Aparna and Zeenat as though she is 20 films old. I last saw such brilliance in Farhan Akhtar the actor. Yes, Shakti Kapoor’s daughter is a class apart and has announced her arrival with a bang.”
You have continued in the same vein in films that have followed and I am looking forward to EK VILLIAN releasing this Friday. 
Your ability to soak in the atmosphere and play the character is what marks you out from the rest. To me, you are Jodie Foster.
I’m sure in the years to come you are going to be the one to rule the roost. Having Crime Master Gogo at home is always going to be an added bonus! 
As for the star kids, another one who I have been mightily impressed with is Varun Dhawan. This lad is a riot.
God Bless You 
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)


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