An Open Letter To Vidya Balan

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An Open Letter To Vidya Balan
Dear Vidya,

Your latest release GHANCHAKKAR was much looked forward to… it turned out to be a damp squib. For your fans, this was disappointing; they went looking for you and came back wondering where you went!

Personally, I too was disappointed. Although your role was hatke, it did not do justice to your talent. For me, you have reached a stage where no heroine has reached so far. You are right now where Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was in the mid-70s and throughout the 80s.

ISHQIYA, THE DIRTY PICTURE, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA and KAHAANI have proved that you can carry off a film on your own… a hero in every sense of the word. Moreover, you have been accepted by the audience as a complete entertainer and they expect to be entertained. And that is a huge expectation to live up to for a star. In the days when Mr Bachchan ruled the roost, one would hear people say, ”It’s an Amitabh film,” the same is being said now; ”It’s a Vidya Balan film.” Even producers know that they can receive huge returns by banking on you. And you have never let them down.

So what really went wrong in GHANCHAKKAR? Was it a wrong selection of film or did you go by your gut even though you knew the script was confusing and your role was not properly fleshed out? A movie can either be a comedy or a thriller. This was both. Actually, it was a Ghanchakkar!

You are in that rare breed of heroines who don’t give it a damn about physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong; what I mean is that you like to dress the way you like to and are comfortable in, rather than flow with the trend. Believe me; real women love your dress sense! Most are fed up of seeing ‘air-brushed’, ‘fat-trimmed’ images of heroines in photoshop. In you, they see someone they can identify with. They see a star that is also human!

If a role demands that you put on weight, you do not lose sleep over it. You present the character on screen rather than the actor. And that is rare.

Interestingly, what one can gauge from your popularity is that marriage has not dented your market. If anything, it has only enhanced it. Statistics prove that once a heroine gets married, she loses her hold in the industry. Producers shy away, directors are confused and the general perception of the audience takes a dip. This myopic view has seen the career of many talented actresses being cut short after marriage. This fear also keeps actresses from marrying when they are at their peak.

You have changed that misconception. Nothing can dim your brilliance.

You are a hero. A complete entertainer, entertainer, entertainer!

Martin D’Souza

(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be… )

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