An Open Letter To Virat Kohli

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An Open Letter To Virat Kohli

Dear Virat Kohli

You seem to be driving at break-neck speed on NH 10.

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Anushka Sharma may or may not agree with this, but fact is, Bollywood scoops, at most times, are ‘given’.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that Anushka might have done that. It does not appear to be so. She is a woman who fiercely guards her private life. She has worked hard to get to where she has today. She has also turned producer with the soon-to-be-released NH 10.

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If some journalist had broken a story of Anushka staying with you during the tour of England last May, despite the BCCI ban, what’s wrong with that? It is the job of a journalist to work on scoops. And mind you; to get scoops of this magnitude, one has to be well networked. That’s the hallmark of a good journalist.

Sadly, today we all know how stars make use of journalists by giving them ‘scoops’ just to get their ratings up, or keep themselves in the news. This is PR strategy, boss. Anushka (being one from the Bollywood industry) will be able to throw more light on this to you. On how they function; or how before a release, personal lives come in the forefront.

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We all love your aggression. It is good; arrogance is not.

What is even more appalling is that you picked out the wrong journo to abuse, “in the filthiest of language” as has been reported in the media. That’s not done. Even if you had found out the right journalist, this is no way to abuse. You do your job, let the media do theirs.

Moreover, after you found out that you had abused the wrong journo, you requested another journalist to apologize! I mean, that reeks of super arrogance. What’s wrong with you?

Remember, humility precedes honour; pride comes before downfall.

Everyone makes mistakes. It would have been better and shown the Indian cricketers in good light, had you apologized personally.

And finally, if the BCCI has set rules for players, follow it. No one is above the game of cricket. And if you have broken the rule, you have to be prepared to bear the consequences. In this case, in the form of ‘Breaking News’.

You are talented; don’t let it go to your head. There are much more talented cricketers in our country waiting for an opportunity.

Don’t throw it all away. If tomorrow you are out of the Indian team, the so-called fans will not even remember you.

Tell me, how many people remember the other VK: Vinod Kambli?

God Bless You
Martin D’Souza
(This weekly column tries to be as honest as honest can be…)

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