Anees Bazmee : A tragedy gives birth to a comedy


In the first part of our exclusive interaction with the blockbuster writer director Anees Bazmee, the maverick story teller spoke about his unique initiative that will fill the hearts of upcoming writers with a new hope. In the second part Anees Bazmee, speaks about the value of a writer in a movie, the changing trends, his language of cinema and more..

Over to Annes Bazmee

How simple conversations like ‘Be Positive’ from your evergreen entertainer NO ENTRY, or ‘Kitne Aadmi Thein’ from SHOLAY or say ‘All Is Well’ from 3 IDIOTS become the never ending talk of the nation?. Is simple writing easy or difficult?
Simple writing is the most difficult thing to do. As I told you earlier I am a great admirer of Salim Javed saab and Gulzar bhai. The ‘saadgi’ (simplicity) in Gulzar’s writings and the brilliant amalgamation of fact with fiction in simple easy language by Salim Javed has been my source material or say learning’s. I have toiled, worked hard and observed the behavior pattern of individuals and have come up with things like ‘Be Positive’ in NO ENTRY or the lengthiest catchphrase in Bollywood cinema in WELCOME when Nana Patekar says, “Dekhiye.. Bhagwaan ka diya hua sab kuch hai. Daulat hai, Shaurat Hai, Izzat Hai”.  So, it’s not at all scribbling anything that comes in mind. There is a thought process behind a no brainer, a no brainer needs a brain.


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How important/valuable is a writer for any movie?
A writer is as important as a director or an actor. When an actor, director arrive at the sets, they know what is in hand, the scene is written by the writer. Actor knows what to emote, director knows what shot needs to be taken. On the other hand, when the writer begins, he/she is blank; they create everything on paper for all. Without a good writer, a good movie is impossible. A writer guides the music director as well. They get aware of the plot and situations where a particular song is required.

Things have drastically changed in the since you started during the last three decades. The so called gap between a mainstream entertainer and a sensible cinema is getting narrowed with BADHAAI HO, SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN etc. The spurt of digital – Netflix, Prime video, Zee5, Alt Balaji etc has opened new avenues and people are experimenting in all possible ways?. Your comment?
The changing scenario where new avenues are available with choice for writers to explore with new ideas is welcomed with open arms. You have noticed that small budget movies with innovative ideas have earn hooplas. It’s the time of small budget with great content. Very inspiring.


But you stick to your known trends of movies with multiple star cast like PAGALPANTI, BHOOL BHULAIYYA 2, why you are not in the mood to explore?
I write what I believe in. I am an audience first before anything else. I have written and will continue to write/create stories which I can watch with my family and don’t feel awkward. I am not against the new trend. Am happy very much happy. It’s time for writers to get their due recognition and value and that’s the reason my upcoming initiative where I am offering a platform for all writers from all over the world to come and share their stories, vision. As a filmmaker if I get fascinated I will definitely back those new ideas.

In the current trend especially in web space, lots of liberties are allowed. Foul language is rampant, sex, violence is glorified. What you have to say?
I write in what I believe, so similarity those content are written by those who believe in such expressions/reactions. I have come across situations where my character is angry, I get tempted to make him react violently use a bad word. But that’s not me in totality so I tone down the emotion and make it acceptable widely. When a character says bad words – its straight and you don’t have to explain much. But having said that, it should be convincing according to the narrative. Just adding scenes of foul language, violence etc for sensationalisms and attracting eye balls is not proper.

In which movie have you accepted foul language, nudity, violence without raising any alarm?
When I watched BANDIT QUEEN (1994), was shocked by the abuses made by that small girl but I didn,t felt awkward. Her aghast was completely justified; the girl went through such a torture. So, it has to be convincing and thoroughly justified.


How do you mage to create those LOL scenes in your movies that become unforgettable?
The irony is – a tragedy gives birth to a comedy.. People need laughter. There is tension all around. I have written the best of my comedy (LOL) scenes when I am in a really bad mood. Like the climax of NO ENTRY, the Horse scene with Nana Patekar in WELCOME. I was really upset when I wrote these scenes. I don,t laugh when I write a comedy scene but I cry when I pen an emotional scene. At the most I will smile when I complete a good LOL scene.

Your favorite comedians?
Mehmood, Jhonny Walker and Jagdeep. I am in touch with Jagdeep Bhai and he keeps on saying that he looks forward for my movies. They are genuine entertainers. It’s a huge huge compliment for me.

Your best comedy movie?
From my own creation – NO ENTRY, WELCOME, SINGH IS KING

Outside your banner/creations?
It’s difficult to name a single movie. The treasure is so vast. So movies that had Mehmood, Jhonny Walker, Jagdip Bhai, Jhonny Lever.. I watch their scenes using the fast forward button.

It’s been more than three decades for you. You are a blockbuster filmmaker, writer. Why have you maintained such a low profile?
You can say that. Honestly, I get so involved with my work that these things never came into my mind. But now times are changing. It’s a world of networking, you have to be seen, heard so started getting in touch with media, talking about myself and my work. And at the same time paying it back to the film industry that has given me so much with my upcoming initiative for writers. Plus further updates are in store.