Anil Kapoor: 24 is the right thing for television

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Tomorrow, Anil Kapoor would be beginning his new innings as an actor, what with his ’24’ premiering on television. It is also pretty much expected that when a television series like this arrives in India, after an immensely successful worldwide run for a decade, it has to at least equal, if not surpass the kind of quality and content that the international version had to offer.

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‘Yes of course, and that is the reason why I involved Rensil D’Silva and Abhinav Deo along with Colors channel. ’24’ deserved nothing but the best,’ says Anil Kapoor who would be enacting the part of central protagonist Jai Singh Rathod in the series.

One wonders if groundwork of bringing the series to India started back then in time when he appeared as an actor in Season 8 of Kiefer Sutherland’s ’24’.

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‘After a few episodes itself I realised that since the entire content and material along with the performances were so great that bringing it to Indian television would be the right thing to do,’ says Anil Kapoor, ‘If you look at its scale, it is as good as that of a film. I instinctively felt that I had to do this. That’s why the moment I finished Season 8, I worked with Howard Gordon, the creator of ’24’, who helped me connect with the other stakeholders. It progressed quite well post that.’

One hopes there is good progress amongst Indian audience as well when ’24’ arrives on the small screen.

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