9 Jhakaas things said by Anil Kapoor on No Filter Neha – Season 3

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Anil Kapoor has been slapped by only one woman. Here’s who!

Anil’s Quote – That happened because obviously I had bunked from school and I didn’t realize how late it had become. My school used to start at 7 and used to get over by 1:30-2. So I think it was 4:30-5. It was late in the evening. I used to live in Chembur and their house was in Deonar. So obviously I reached late and my mom was crying and trying to find where the hell I have gone thinking ‘oh I’ve lost my child, kisi ne kidnap toh nahi kar liya’. And then I remember climbing up my steps with my school bag and half pants. I was climbing up the steps very slowly and thaaap I get a slap! She (Krishna Raj Kapoor) was like kithe gaya tha, mummy ro hai hai, at least inform. So that’s the only slap I’ve got.

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Anil Kapoor sleeps with his makeup on!

Anil’s Quote – You won’t believe, I still sometimes go to sleep with make up on. I don’t wash my face and my wife keeps on telling me – go wash your face! I say ‘rehne do na yaar, ek toh badi mushkil se makeup karne ko milta hai’. So many times I still go to sleep with my makeup on, till today. It’s just the feeling of being an actor, it’s not the makeup, makeup. I’m so good looking, I don’t need makeup ya but I just do makeup ya.

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Here’s why Anil Kapoor is so hard on himself

Anil’s Quote – I am hard on myself sometimes where my work is concerned and many times I’m hard on myself because when I face a camera and I think God has given me so much where this profession is concerned. There are no retakes. Once I shoot today, I will not be able to do it again. And once my grandchildren or my great grandchildren see the film and if they say how are you looking? You’re looking so puffy, you’re looking so tired. I don’t want anyone to say you’re looking tired or puffy and especially in this profession. There are so many careers at stake, including mine. So that’s the reason I’m slightly hard on myself.

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When Jackie Shroff slapped Anil Kapoor 16 times!

Anil’s Quote – He was a very strong guy so his slap was something. And Jackie being Jackie, he didn’t want to hit me. He looks very tough but he’s a softie. I look very soft but I’m tough that way. I said maar yaar jitna marrna hai, expression correct aana chahiye. I think 16-17 thappad maar diye the usne, I don’t remember the number but there were quite a few of them.

Anil Kapoor’s take on nepotism

Anil’s Quote – Maine in teeno ka faayda uthaya hai. Mere yeh teeno bacche nahi hote toh shayad mera career 10 saal pehle se itna accha nahi hota. Sonam, Rhea, Harsh, I have gained a lot from them. I’m being very honest with you. It’s the truth, I’m not joking. 

Anil Kapoor’s advice to Deepika

Anil’s Quote – I remember on the sets of Dil Dhadakne Do when Deepika came to meet him (Ranveer Singh) and we were going on the ship. So she was there and I was like – chodna matt isko. Yeh ladka superb hai yaar. Perfect choice! You can’t get a better boy. 

Anil Kapoor ke sehat ka raaz!

Anil’s Quote – I don’t refrain. I eat everything. Trust me, I eat everything. I don’t have a sweet tooth to be honest with you so that way I’m quite safe. I love food. I’m like a bird. I eat everything but like a bird. 

Anil thinks Anand is a better husband

Anil’s Quote – He’s definitely the better husband. No comparison. Cannot even dream. I can’t even come close. I’m not that good. 

Anil Kapoor or Arjun-Malaika

Anil’s Quote – I know Arjun very well and whatever makes him happy, makes me happy.

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