Anil Sharma: SINGH SAAB THE GREAT’s driving factor are its emotions

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If one thought that SINGH SAAB THE GREAT would be all about Sunny Deol’s dhai kilo ka haath and some legendary hand pump uprooting moments then well, it is far from being true. Yes, there are earth-shattering moments indeed in this collaboration of Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma after GADAR – EK PREM KATHA. However, behind the scenes, there are emotions ruling the roost, something that keeps the film’s narrative moving.


‘After VEER with Salman Khan, I was thinking about what I should make next. I used to read newspapers aur pata chalta tha ki sheher ka maalik toh aakhir ek collector hota hai. The kind of power that he has is commendable. He has the best of all worlds, whether from judiciary or police. I thought that if this power is well exercised, the society can benefit in a major way. This is where the germ of film’s story was sown,’ details Sharma who pronto discussed the idea with Sunny.

The actor pronto gave a go ahead and from there began the process of putting together the film’s script and screenplay with Sunny Deol playing the part of a collector in a small town. Meanwhile Sharma made sure that just like APNE, his last film with Sunny Deol (which also had the other Deols), a strong emotional quotient bound the film together.

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‘Yes, the driving factor of SINGH SAAB THE GREAT are its emotions,’ says Sharma, ‘Hence you would see the entire family of the character played by Sunny Deol coming together. So on the whole there is this entire system, mafia, government and politicians that he has to battle with, there is a home that he comes back to as well. All of this strikes a good balance in his life and also helps him take all the conflict heads on.’

Produced by Anuj Sharma and Sangeeta Ahir, SINGH SAAB THE GREAT releases all over on 22nd November, 2013.

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