Anubhav Sinha: No one can romance the way Shah Rukh Khan does


Needless to say TUM BIN was a popular musical romantic film, and the movie did moist our eyes. In fact even today the film has that charm that it makes us fall in love all over again.

After 16 years director Anubhav Sinha is back with TUM BIN II and it’s not a sequel as claimed by him. It’s a fresh new-age love story which every youth will relate to.

Anubhav Sinha made films like RA.ONE, CASH, GULAAB GANG, TATHASTU and DUS but none made any impact. However, the director confides being more matured over the years.


In an exclusive conversation with Anubhav Sinha, he spoke in length over making movies, talks about TUM BIN II, Shah Rukh Khan and much more.

Read on:

Why TUM BIN II after 16 years?
Why not, I was waiting for the right story and right people and was tied up with other films. I wanted to write TUM BIN looking at various aspects and scenario. The moment I got the script ready I was looking for faces. And to everyone who thinks it’s a sequel to earlier one, let me clear it isn’t a sequel. It’s new and fresh, the story is different.


From your first film to now TUM BIN II, how have you grown as a director?
Yes, I have matured as a director. The mistakes that I made during my first film I have learnt and rectified them now.

Do you think TUM BIN is relevant in today’s time?
Yes, love and idea of romance never fades, love is timeless and limitless. See I understand the youth has changed but love is constant. We find people who value and understand romance, and I am sure people will love the film. I feel in love yet again while writing TUM BIN II.

Why did you turn to new actors and new faces?
That’s how I have kept it, even with TUM BIN there were new actors. Even though Neha has done films but for me she will always be a fresh face and a new comer.


Any particular reason for retaining Jagjit Singh version of ‘Koi fariyaad’? 
That’s the soul of the film and I am sure the audience will love it as they loved the original one too. The song is beautiful and is shot in plush locales of Scotland. In fact the best part of the film is the locations. We completed the film in 40 days.

Which is your favourite genre?
Romance for me always. I am romantic by heart, while action also interests me.

Had it not been new actors who would you have casted in TUM BIN II?
Undoubtedly Shah Rukh Khan as no one can love and romance like he does.

Any new projects that you are working on?
I am writing few but nothing that I can actually talk about.

Is TUM BIN 3 on?
Why not, but first I am awaiting the response for TUM BIN II (Smiles).