Anupam Kher returns to Mumbai to vote!

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Anupam Kher, who was stationed in the USA for the second season of the NBC series’ New Amsterdam, is back in his country after almost three months. The global star who became a household name in the West for pulling off the role of Neurologist, Dr Vijay Kapoor effortlessly, especially flew down to his hometown, Mumbai to cast his vote during the Lok Sabha elections.

Starting the year with a bang by portraying his most challenging role of former Indian PM Dr. Manmohan Singh in the critically-acclaimed, The Accidental Prime Minister, the thespian had consciously planed his shoot schedule in a way that he could take a two-week break and return to India to vote.

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Being a responsible citizen, the prolific actor feels it’s important for everybody to cast their vote, irrespective of their hectic work schedule.

Talking about it, Anupam says, “I had finished with the shoot but there was some postproduction work and some additional dubbing and recording work to be done. If I had stayed back, I would have had to miss voting, which I definitely did not want to do. My advice to youth is that if we want the right kind of people to govern us, then it is important to exercise our fundamental right to vote. To be able to vote is also empowering because we should choose who should rule us. If we are citizens of this country, it is our moral responsibility to vote.”

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