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Anurag Basu used his car as a train for BARFI!

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Anurag Basu’s prized Maruti 800 was used as the engine of the train for the movie BARFI!

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BARFI!’s art director, Rajat Podar, badly needed a train for the shoot. They had already used plywood and cooking tumblers as the headlights of the train however, the engine was missing. So, Basu found a way out of it and asked the art director to use his car as the engine of the train.

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Anurag Basu, “We needed a train for the shoot, and we practically created it out of my first car. After we created the body of the train, we didn’t know how to move it. Suddenly, I thought my old car may be of some use. I showed it to our artist and he was ready to work on it. Within days, he modified it to make it fit on the train’s body, and we finally had a train shoot. It’s incredible.”

Apparently, Basu used to romance his wife in this very same car, which also happens to be his first. With so many memories associated with the car, the filmmaker cherishes it as a lucky charm.

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