Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Why Anushka Sharma was advised to give up producing films?

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In over a decade-long journey in Bollywood, Anushka Sharma has worked in myriad genres of films and also donned the producer's hat at the age of 25. She says as an artiste, she has always backed "disruptive content" throughout her career.

Anushka's maiden production "NH10" has completed 5 years of its release and the actress has talked about her journey as a producer and what it took to be the first A-list actress of her time to take the plunge.

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"The decision to produce 'NH10' was very instinctive for me. It appealed to my core of doing something different and entertaining audiences. I wanted to give them something that they had not seen before and I was sure we could push the entertainment envelope with this cinema," Anushka said.

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She said that as a producer her aim is to give the country brilliant content and that she is always on the lookout for the best scripts.

"As an artiste, I have always backed disruptive content throughout my career and when a film like 'NH10' came to me, I knew it was my calling to disrupt content for audiences as a producer."

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Anushka says she tried to make the stereotyped non-mainstream cinema, mainstream cinema.

"I was 25; I had no knowledge of producing films and I didn't know what I was getting into; but my brother Karnesh and I knew that we had to do it because we wanted to give audiences cinema that Bollywood was not making. I tried to make the stereotyped non-mainstream cinema, mainstream cinema; and when I see the content that is being produced in India today, I feel validated about my decision," she said.

She said that she was advised to give up on her dream of producing films by many in the industry.

"I was told by practically everyone that I shouldn't be getting into production and that an actress should focus on cementing her place in the big league than have distractions like this. I had always been a secure actor and these comments didn't bother me. In fact, these comments only made my resolve stronger that I had to take down many ceilings; and that we owe it to audiences to give them creative choices to choose from," she said.

Now, the "PK" actress says she is "thrilled" to see the content that the women of the industry have been developing.

"I'm proud of what Clean Slate Films has achieved so far. I'm proud of the kind of content Karnesh and I have produced and we have an exciting line up that we can't wait to share to the world! Today, I'm thrilled to see the content that is being produced by many actresses. I think we all collectively need to creatively contribute and collaborate to change the landscape of cinema in India. We are definitely on the right path," She said.

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