Arbaaz feels Abhinav had advantage directing DABANGG

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Believe it or not but Arbaaz Khan is the first to admit that in comparison to him making DABANGG 2, Abhinav Kashyap was much better placed while directing DABANGG.

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view ARBAAZ KHAN photo gallery

“That’s because he carried an advantage of having someone like me to bounce ideas upon and vice versa. It is always helpful when you have a peer working with you as well to resolve doubts. In case of DABANGG 2 though, it is just me who has to manage everything with technicians, actors and others associated with the film. The entire decision making solely rested on me and trust me, at times these things become tough and a little too overwhelming,” he says.

Today he does feel that the entire turn of events around him coming in place of Abhinav turned out to be a blessing in disguise and it was a fair call after all to be directly involved in the making of the film.

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“Sooner or later I had to turn director. It was an opportunity that came my way and took over the responsibility. Which director won’t like to take the DABANGG flag going? I got the script in place, worked hard on it and put together the entire film. In case of DABANGG too, I had the creative control. Now I just extended it further by wearing a director’s hat,” says Arbaaz.

He adds, “Also, let’s face it; more than anything else this film is also a chance to direct a brother who is a superstar. Now when I am in a position to make a mark, why should I let it go away? So yes, in the hindsight it all has ended up working for the film and me. For whatever reason that Abhinav stepped out, the fact that I have stepped in is in its own huge way destined.”

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