Arbaaz hasn’t ignored loyal Salman fans

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DABANGG 2 has released and while the verdict would be announced within this weekend itself, Arbaaz Khan is the first to admit that more than just a filmmaker, he approached DABANGG, ‘Chulbul Pandey’ and Salman Khan as a fan.

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‘Obviously’, he says in a matter of fact tone, ”A film like this has to be in the confines of the character. When Salman is playing Chulbul Pandey, you as a filmmaker have ample scope to exploit the whole setting. Moreover there are certain pre-requisites that a film of Salman carries, especially in this setting. I, as a fan, cannot be denied of songs and action. I need to see comedy, drama and a bit of everything else. As a member of the audience, I need things to be engineered around ‘Dabangg’, ‘Chulbul’ and Salman.”

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He continues, ”The film is running in theatres and now that the final product is visible, you can see that we are not here to replicate everything. Yes, Salman is playing Chulbul Pandey and we were conscious of the fact that agar woh DABANGG mein aisa tha toh DABANGG 2 mein waisi kuch baat honi chahiye. We were being close to the first one but then we have been different as well. I wanted to retain some elements in the sequel and haven’t missing out on that. There is a loyal Salman and Chulbul fan-base that has certain fixed and definite expectations from DABANGG; I can’t ignore that.”

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