Arbaaz Khan: It would be great to have Malaika’s dance in DOLLY KI DOLI

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It may well have been the case of jumping the gun a little too soon. Even as the reports of Malaika Arora Khan stepping into DOLLY DI DOLI are making the rounds, the fact is that there is no decision on this yet. In fact even then song in question has not been recorded and husband-producer Arbaaz Khan is yet to decide if Malaika’s services would indeed be required for the Sonam Kapoor starrer.


‘As a matter of fact Arbaaz is a tad surprised that so much has been written about it already when there has been practically minimal movement around the number in question. Of course with a much-in-demand lady right in the house, it would be a privilege by all means for DOLLY DI DOLI to feature Malaika. However, there is nothing which has even gone through the ideation stage, leave aside coming close to being a firm decision,’ informs a source attached to the film, which also marks the debut of director Abhishek Dogra.

The film is currently being shot for all the talkie portions and with 30 days of shoot left, the song is still far away.

‘We need to first wrap up the principle shoot by 15th June. A major portion would be shot in Mumbai though later this month we would also be heading for Delhi,’ informs Arbaaz, ‘As for the song, it is still a little far away. It would be too premature to form any insinuations as of now at the least.’

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Quiz him about the rumors making the rounds w.r.t. Malaika’s presence in the film and Arbaaz maintains a non-committal stance.

Says Arbaaz, ‘It would be great to have Malaika in there; after all she is a superb dancer. However there isn’t anything to confirm as yet. It would be a while before we firm up anything.’

So is that a yes or a no? Well, guess the answer would be known only in a few weeks from now, though for now it appears to be a case of an early alarm no less.

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