Are the sentiments of Bollywood celebs getting hurt by Kapil Sharma?

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It is rumored that sentiments of Bollywood celebs got hurt by Kapil Sharma that leaded to an almost no show of the special screening of his just released FIRANGI.

Kapil Sharma held a screening of FIRANGI on Nov 30, just a day before the release of the film. Rumour has it that Kapil invited Bollywood bigwigs who have appeared on his popular television shows but few turned up.

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Himesh Reshammiya, Palak Muchhal, Abbas-Mustan were the known ones who made their presence felt, the reason for the absence is allegedly rumored to be the lack of ‘personal’ touch to the invite which was send by whatts up.

Farah Khan has expressed her displeasure over the matter in public by posting this cryptic message on her social media handle which reads, ““Dear Mannerless people, if u want me 2 attend ur premier/preview/party DON’T send me a “janta invite” on WhatsApp! U r not doing me a favour! The least u can do is make a personal call. If u can’t find the time for it what makes u think I have time 2 get ready n cm for you??!

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Farah Khan posted this message a day before the screening of Kapil’s film and reportedly had been quoted saying to spotboye, “It was not just Kapil Sharma. There were two to three other events happening on the same day. I was referring to all of them.”

People from the industry are speculating that the statement echoes the sentiments of other celebs as well who decided to give the film a miss. It must be noted that The Bollywood film industry works on personal equations and ‘egoes’ do run high.

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“A personal call could have done wonders, Kapil might be busy with chalking out plans for his film which is due to release the next day but others are also busy and a personal call could have served as a good reminder” says a source.

Finally it is the audience that will decide the fate of Kapil Sharma’s FIRANGI and how will the comedian shape his career now.

Kapil has allegedly rumored to have spoiled his relations with Bollywood bigwigs like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn etc by making them wait for long during the shoot of his show has now got Farah Khan also miffed.

The choreographer turned filmmaker has interestingly not named Kapil Sharma in her post but has not spared the comedian either for indulging in such a way of inviting people to their events which she calls ‘mannerless’.

It may be a goof up, but still Kapil Sharma should now learn the art of pleasing his seniors in Bollywood which is just a call away as Farah Khan says.

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