Arijit Singh: I would be waiting for composers to compose jazz, big band & swing

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Snging sensation Arijit Singh’s songs are loved by almost everyone and his romantic tracks have most of the times topped the charts.

Since he has mostly sung romantic track and a couple of peppy dance numbers, we asked Arjit if he would like to explore any other genre. To that he said, “Yes, I would like to explore classics.

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I haven’t done swing, big band jazz swing; I would like to explore that. I tried to do that in BOMBAY VELVET, but unfortunately that song didn’t come.”

He added, “Amit & I are having discussions about the same thing. Pritam da and I were also discussing the same thing that this is the time we should do classics. Jazz, big band & swing used to happen in the 60s and 70s. Now there is a big gap and I feel we should concentrate on that.”

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Further ask him if we will get to witness something of that sort in the near future or will it take some time and he says, “It’s not up to me, I would try to. I am not a composer; I can’t compose, so I would be waiting for composers to compose something like that and if I get it well. I hope it works like that.”

Since Arijit has said that now, we hope the composers are listening.

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