Arjun Kapoor: I have handled my life without blaming anyone


While Homi Adajania’s FINDING FANNY has wowed the critics alike, Arjun Kapoor’s character of ‘Savio Da Gama’ is also well appreciated. Though Arjun was recently quoted as saying that he completely relates with his character, he clarifies that there’s a lot of difference between Savio and him.

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Says the actor, ”I didn’t really relate to Savio to that extent saying Oh! he is so much like me. But when I looked back at the film, I realized Homi has used facets of me. So there is one dimension that got added by casting me. I believe Homi subconsciously did that maybe because he could find the qualities of Savio like deadpan humour, sarcasm and inability to express, in me. And somewhere I am too quite like that. At times, even I can’t express what I want to say. I am emotional and sensitive by nature. The vulnerability comes to Savio, maybe, because I am like that by nature. But I can’t be rude to women and that’s a definite.

According to Arjun, he’s much stronger than his character ‘Savio’.  


”I am better than Savio in terms of articulating and talking. Savio just doesn’t know when to stop and say right things. He’s always raw and rough, whereas I am little more polished. He has a loser’s attitude towards life which I definitely don’t have. Savio is upset whatever life dealt with him and that’s why he blames life and people around, family and friends but never introspected within. While whatever life has dealt with me, I have handled it my way without blaming anyone. I have made my peace. My experiences have become my strength. The difference between Savio and me is the experiences he had, made him weak, while my experiences made me only strong,” he adds further, highlighting the dissimilarities.

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Arjun feels people have started typecasting him. 
”Sadly, in all my films I end up being rude and obnoxious which I am not by nature and that’s a big difference between my characters and me,” says Arjun on a light note.  
Also starring Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur, Naseeruddin Shah, FINDING FANNY released on September 12, 2014.



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