Arjun Kapoor looks at doing bigger and better things with new venture

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Entrepreneur and producer Prerna Arora along with Arjun Kapoor, Om Prakash Bhatt and Kashish Khan have formally announced the launch of "Studio Five Elements" here in Mumbai on Friday.

"Studio Five Elements" will be involved in production, acquisitions, distribution and also cater to the digital platform.

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Arjun Kapoor expressed that the creative team is looking at bigger and better things with the launch of Studio Five Elements. "When you start something new, you're full of dreams and that is what we are, we're full of dreams, all of us on stage right now.

"We have been in Bollywood for a while, with the success behind us, we are looking at doing bigger and better things."

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Further adding, Arjun talked about the unique and poignant name, Studio Five Elements. He said, "the inspiration for the venture, it is a joint effort. I was sitting with Prakash ji and trying to figure out the name for the new venture. Given the fact that I am the slow one, I couldn't agree with anything at the moment.

"But the next morning Prakash ji sent some ideas, the elements of the nature that is what the life is all about and here movies represent life, so that is where the name came from."

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