Arjun Rampal meets real RAW agents for D DAY

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Realism is in. To get his part right as an assassin for D-DAY, Arjun Rampal went all the way to ensure that there was no false step. For that, he met a few real RAW agents and the experience that he gained was priceless.

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‘It was such a huge learning for me,’ says Arjun who plays the part of Rudra Pratap Singh in the Nikhil Advani directed affair, ‘First thing that these agents told me was that in a real time scenario, if you are being followed then you never make the mistake of turning around. You perfect the art by going near a mirror and then figuring out if someone is behind you. You have to still do this all discreetly since you can never let the person know about your suspicion.’

Another learning for him was the strength of surprising your enemy.

‘These agents also taught me that the most important thing about any attack is surprise; that’s your biggest advantage. If you lose that then your enemy will change his strategy. You need to demonstrate one upmanship since that creates this incredible tension that is incredible,’ he continues.

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All of this helped him to bring on the tactical side of affairs to his act as well in addition to all the real action that he was performing on screen.

‘Yes, there is good action on screen but most importantly it is the story of D DAY that keeps you engaged and bound to the seats,’ he promises, ‘It is a film worth exploring since it is also entertaining. If that is not the case then what’s the point in telling a tale?’

Now one looks forward to the film being indeed engaging when it releases all over on 19th July.

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