Arjun Rampal turned script advisor for INKAAR

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Turning script advisor is one role that Arjun Rampal wasn’t expecting to play when INKAAR, a film centred on the issue of sexual harassment, came his way. However once he green-lighted the Sudhir Mishra’s film in principle, he decided to let his creative juices flowing and completely turned around the entire narrative. Well, literally!

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“Sudhir’s narrative was quite straight forward and linear. He wanted the story of Arjun and Chitrangda to start at one point, go through a transition and then culminate accordingly. Arjun liked many elements of the core story line but wanted to spice up the narrative,” informs a source.

As a result of that, Arjun sat with Sudhir and suggested to him that a non-linear storytelling would do wonders to the film. He felt that if the film was told from two different point of views, that of the victim and the accused, there would be much greater possibilities to keep audience on the edge of the seat and also keep the suspense quotient high till the very end.

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“Though Sudhir wasn’t quite expecting such a suggestion coming his way, he gave it all a fair though and worked with Arjun to come up with a new draft of the script that was to everyone’s liking,” the source says.

“Yes, I did tell Sudhir that the linear pattern wasn’t working out for the film. The good part is that Sudhir is also very open minded and I respect him for acknowledging my feedback,” says Arjun, “Both of us decided to give it a try and see how things shape up eventually. I had a month off and could afford to spend time on the film. Sudhir and I really put our head into turning around the narrative. What we had in hand was something really interesting.”

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