Arnold Schwarzenegger discovers India

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It seems that India is the favourite destination for Hollywood biggies with many of them making trips to the country in quick succession.

After heartthrob Tom Cruise and fashion icon Lady Gaga left a lot of eyeballs rolling, Oprah Winfrey's trip also gathered a lot of attention. And before the craze for Oprah had faded, it's another biggie from Hollywood who created a stir in the country.

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None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Australian-American actor cum politician, made his first trip to India for a special purpose. The 64-year old hunk attended the 12th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit to participate in a green cause of spreading awareness about clean and green energy.

The former Governor of California said that fitness was his crusade since early days of his life and green is his crusade now, adding that he wanted to inspire people for a sustainable living.

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Austrian Oak, as he is popularly known as, has been a name synonymous to fitness and bodybuilding and is considered to be the pioneer when it comes to the two.

Like all those from Hollywood who visited India, he too always wanted to come to this land of culture and tradition.

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He also presented Abhishek Bachchan a Green Globe award for outstanding contribution to the environmental causes by a celebrity.

He later wrote on his twitter account, 'Congrats on the Green Globe, juniorbachchan. More celebrities should be pumping up green progress. I'll be back, & we should get together.'

The star tweeted his picture on the micro-blogging site and said, 'This is how they greeted me in Delhi.'

The heartthrob is believed to love Indian food, acclaimed worldwide for its rich flavors and spices. He gorged on naans and other delicacies in the capital state.

His twitter post read (along with a photo of him with a big piece of naan), 'I loved the food. I've loved my first trip to India. Here I am with the biggest piece of naan in Delhi'.

He also wrote, 'Thank you all, especially @andyz136 for the recommendation to eat at Bhukara. It was fantastic!'.

However, Akon was reportedly disappointed when he found the greatest attraction of India – Taj Mahal closed. However, he satisfied himself with some pictures from roadside using his cell phone.

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