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Arshad Warsi: Loved ‘Benji’ as child

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Mumbai, April 14 (IANS) Actor Arshad Warsi has revealed that as a child he was fascinated with the world of “Benji”, the fictional mixed-breed dog that has been the central chjaracter of many films since it first appeared on screen in 1974.

“The first movie that I ever watched was a very, very long time back. I was in a boarding school and every second Sunday, we would get to see a film, so we would watch ‘Force 10’ from Navarone. There is one film that I remember, as a child which used to fascinate me. It was called ‘Benji’. I used to love dogs, and I remember as a child, ‘Benji’ was one of the films that I completely loved,” said Arshad.

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The actor also confessed his love that he can watch the iconic sitcom “Friends” again and again. “I can watch ‘Friends’ over and over again. I like it, my children like it too,” he said, during an interview for IMDb.


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