Arti Singh Postpones Pre-Birthday Maldives Trip Owing To CoronaVirus

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Actress Arti Singh who was recently seen in Bigg Boss was all set to take a pre-birthday holiday trip to Maldives.  And in fact the actress had planned it as a gift to her mother who had always wanted to visit the islands.

However, due to the current world situation and the virus, Arti has decided to postpone her trip as she feels its best to stay indoors and spend time with family.  Speaking about the same Arti says, "I always wanted to take my mom to Maldives and hence had planned this trip.  

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However, at this time as a global citizen its our duty to stay put, stay indoors and not travel.  Hence, I am postponing this trip as I want to ensure the safety of my mother, my family and those around us."  Speaking about being locked up in the house, "Honestly while we were locked away earlier, at least there were 12-13 of us at one given time in the house.  

I've been cooking, working out and catching up on series but yes its difficult to stay indoors and not be able to meet up with friends or even go to the gym.  For example, when I cook now, I don't have 10 people around me giving me praise or criticism on how the food was…so I am the chef and I am my own self-critic."  

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However the actress feels there are greater worries for the people in the lower tier as she explains, "While we are cribbing about boredom, my true worry is for people who earn wages for the day.  There are lakhs in India who are working in the morning to earn the money to put dinner on the table for their family.  

What about them and how will they survive?  I hope that each one of us can help those working for us so that we create a chain of humanity worldwide!".

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