Ashish Pathode: CHITRAFIT is not a bold film; it’s a sensitive subject

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National School of Drama (NSD) pass out actor Ashish Pathode, who was seen playing the lead role in many episodes of crime based reality TV show ‘Crime Patrol’ and in movies like MASTRAM & DOPEHAR, is now gearing up for Marathi film CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL, which has created quite a sensation in the industry for being the first ever bold Marathi film.


Ashish opines on the reaction of the industry, “Firstly, there has never been a Marathi film on such an issue. Secondly, CHITRAFIT is not a bold film. It’s a sensitive subject and the content demanded it to be that way. Since Marathi films have never been like that, apparently, it has become an overdose for the people and the industry. Marathi Cinema has been family-oriented, it talks about domestic issues. But CHITRAFIT is reality-based subject. For any industry change is disturbing but slowly everything gets accepted. PUNE 52, DOMBIVALI FAST all were different Marathi films but eventually they have been lapped-up. Marathi audience is very vigilant and they have a peculiar style of criticizing it. But they easily accept the changes too. Unlike Bollywood, Marathi Cinema is very experimental. They are not only rich in culture but also their content is strong.”
Though he played a lover boy in his previous Marathi flick CANDLE MARCH, Ashish will be seen as ‘anti-hero’ in CHITRAFIT.  “People are coming to me saying that I will now have ‘anti-hero’ image. But I would like to say that we are not here to form any image rather to play different characters. It is good that an actor gets so many roles to play,” he says.

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Quiz him about doing copious intimate scenes in the movie and he says, “An actor has to do his job with utter honesty and positivity. Even if I do intimate scenes I have to maintain my dignity and respect my co-actors. As an actor he needs clarity and should make his co-stars also comfortable. The actor can’t be selfish. I was not at all uncomfortable.”
Ashish gets nostalgic about shooting for CHITRAFIT. “Though it was a challenging role for me and a tough shoot, as it involved a lot of trekking and rock climbing, it was fun. All the locations were so beautiful and picturesque. There are many golden memories about the film.”
CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL is produced by Rahul Borse & Abdul RC and co-produced by Somnath Devkar & Jeevan Patil. It will be releasing all over Maharashtra by STV and Pickle Entertainment, who have joined hands as co-distributors.
CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL has graceful music by Yug and very realistic set and Production Design by Dinesh Lahase. The film stars Seema Azmi and Ashish Pathode in pivotal roles. Also starring Ravi Patwardhan, Gauri Shankar, Shefali Maydeo, Dansing Rajput, Mike Hevan, Nerav Soni, Vinita, Mahesh Rale, Isha, Sachin Kabir, Vipul Patil, Meenal Chirankar, Komal and Suhas Shirsath, CHITRAFIT 3.0 MEGAPIXEL is cinematographed by Sachin Kabir. It has hit the screens all over today.


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