Ashwani Dhir: I trust Ajay Devgn

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SON OF SARDAAR has released, made its money, entered the 100 crore club, turned out to be yet another success for Ajay Devgn & Sonakshi Sinha and is now almost ending it’s theatrical run. While the film and it’s lead pair has made news, one man who has silently seen it all with a smile on his face is the chief architect of it all, Ashwani Dhir

The film’s pre-release campaign saw Ajay leading the charge and Ashwani keeping away from all the limelight.

“But then I trust Ajay so much,” says Ashwani, “Eventually it was all about pitching SON OF SARDAAR in the right way. It was not about Ajay, Sonakshi, Ashwani, Eros, Viacom or anyone else, it was about the film. It didn’t really matter that who was getting more or less exposure.”

However, since the film has now turned out to be one of the top successes of the year and in the process has also ensured that Ashwani’s track record stays 100% (after ONE TWO THREE and ATITHI TUM KAB JAOGE?), doesn’t his heart too pine for getting his fair deal of publicity and visibility?

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“I sincerely believe that at the end of the day a film should do well. People can take credit as they want but then if a film does well, everything falls in place. Otherwise all things that come out in the media and so much of ‘sho-sha’ being made while keeping content in the background doesn’t work. SOS worked because it was liked. As for me getting my fair share of publicity and visibility then well, I am happy with how things stand,” smiles Ashwani before signing off.

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