Asin continues her successful run with KHILADI 786

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KHILADI 786 has continued to bring in people into theatres and now with the second weekend showing good progress as well, the film has emerged as a good success. Of course this hasn’t turned out to be a 100 crore success but with around 75 crores pretty much on the cards, the Akshay Kumar starrer has ended the year on a good note for him. Same holds true even for Asin who, with an odd exception of LONDON DREAMS, now has five of her other Hindi releases being successful, hence ensuring a success rate of over 80%.

download KHILADI 786 wallpapers
download KHILADI 786 wallpapers

Guess she has pretty much found the formula of being a part of one successful film after another.

“I would rather put it this way that I am doing things that just feel right for me. I have to pick those projects that work for me as an actor. I am not someone who has just stepped into the industry and hence have to sign something in a hurry just to be in circulation. The kind of experience that I bring with me, I can afford to wait a while and pick the best that comes my way which actually excites me enough,” says Asin.

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In that context, she is definitely doing it right, what with KHILADI 786, BOL BACHCHAN, HOUSEFULL 2, READY and GHAJINI ensuring a fabulous run for her. Still, she isn’t signing films in a horde and one waits to see what she does next. Also, she isn’t willing to shout from the rooftops.

Says Asin, “Well, that’s the way my parents have brought me up. I am pretty much the same and very grounded. It’s the kind of values that have been imbibed in me that make me stay out of ‘shouting from the rooftops’ syndrome. Also, I guess certain maturity comes from one’s experience as well. I have been there for quite some time. I have done films in different languages. I understand film making. I have seen highs and lows, hits and flops. I know that this is one career where nothing is absolutely certain. It is best to stay calm and let your work do the talking.”

Well, that indeed seems to be happening already Asin.

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