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Assamese film ‘Aamis’ gets a novel release plan

Mumbai, Nov 19 (IANS) National Award-winning filmmaker Bhaskar Hazarikas Assamese film “Aamis” will release on November 22 with a unique release strategy.

“Aamis” will be released by MovieSaints, which is a distribution solutions provider.

“I wanted to create a system that reduces the risk for the viewer while allowing filmmakers to make money based on the quality of their work. On users pay a certain amount (say Rs 99) to rent a film. If viewers like the film, the money goes to support the filmmaker (if they really like the film, they can also give more money). But if viewers don’t like the film, they can give their critical feedback to the filmmaker and get a refund (minus a small platform fee, usually Rs 30),” explained Rishiraj, Founder CEO, MovieSaints.

“Viewers can also take advantage of our screens-on-demand model to request a big-screen release in their vicinity, and the team at MovieSaints will work to bring the movie to them on the big screen. We also work with local distributors to release the film as widely as possible in the local territory.” he added.

“Aamis” has been screened under the India Gold section at the 21st Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star. The film features Lima Das, Arghadeep Baruah, Neetali Das, Sagar Saurabh.

The word “Aamis” refers to eating meat.

IANS had recently asked if the film intends to make a statement on the politics of eating habits, to which the director said: “If I wanted to make a political film on meat-eating, I could have been much more direct with the message, instead of making a love story. But yes, the whole topic of meat-eating is one of the elements used while weaving the story of a couple. It is an interesting element because in our society there is a lot of taboo attached to meat-eating. Having said that, it is a love story.”




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