ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE? tweaked with these changes to make GUEST IIN LONDON?

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Sequels and remakes are the in thing in Bollywood these days. But does every film really need a sequel? While SS Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI franchise was an altogether different presentation which couldn’t be confined into just one film, it was meant to be presented in two parts, but what about other films? Are the filmmakers doing justice by churning out sequels pe sequels to turn the film into a franchise and make it grander just for the sake of it?

Well, after witnessing the lately released first theatrical trailer of GUEST IIN LONDON, sequel to ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE?, it quite appears filmmakers are in love with the idea (or the mere word sequel) to somehow expand the brand of their film. Where a sequel is meant to offer us something new or an extension of earlier part, GUEST IIN LONDON seems strikingly similar to ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE?

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While there are few differences as well, but these differences between the two films are just for the sake of it or done to make it appear bit different!

Here are these few tweaks between the two flicks to make it a so-called sequel: 

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1) While ATITHI had stars like Ajay Devgn-Konkona Sen Sharma, GUEST IIN LONDON sees relatively new actors Karthik Aaryan-Kriti Kharbanda teaming up and playing a couple.

2) While ATITHI had only Paresh Rawal, in the film GUEST IIN LONDON Paresh is accompanied along with better half played by Tanvi Azmi. 

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3) While ATITHI was set in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, GUEST moves to London now

4) While in ATITHI Ajay-Konkona also had a kid & Ajay-Konkona being career-oriented working couple, GUEST has perhaps young newly married couple without any kid.
We wonder if these differences are such great to make it a sequel enough of ATITHI TUM KAB JAAOGE?

Having said that, the comparison is drawn on the basis of mere trailer. You never know if the new film has some twists and turns, as producer Kumar Pathak in one of statements assured that GUEST IIN LONDON is a different film with a different story and characters. Well let’s wait for the film to hit the screens. 

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