Ayesha Takia: Biopics are scary; you can mess up if not done properly

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The cute and bubbly actress Ayesha Takia Azmi has been heartthrob of many. Remember Y2K (read year 2000) girl in Falguni Pathak’s music video to several other music video. Ayesha has done quite a few movies and made a mark with the films like DOR, WANTED. However, she went for a sabbatical after getting married, breaking many hearts, she later took to motherhood and today she is a mommy to three year old-munchkin.

While we thought she is busy parenting her kid and has no mood right now to get back to movies, Ayesha is back with a bang! She is currently busy with her upcoming single 'Zindagi Yeh Zindagi' and this marks her comeback post marriage. Interestingly she started her career with music video and now yet again she is beginning her second innings with a music video.

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Apart from this music video, she will also be seen in a comedy film BORIVALI KA BRUCE LEE.

In an exclusive conversation with Ayesha, she spilled beans on various aspects of her life, to choosing her comeback with a music video, she also spoke about her stance over the criticism she dealt during the Botox issue, social media trolls and what makes her such a lovely mother.

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Excerpts from the interview!

Why you made a comeback with a music video?
I wanted to come back with a bang and what an awesome way to be back with a music video. It feels life is a full circle as I started my career with music videos, although they are of different genre and ‘Zindagi Yeh Zindagi’ is on a different note. This music video ‘Zindagi…’ is like watching a mini movie. It’s not romantic or run-of-the-mill kinds and that’s what drew me in. It has a human trafficking angle to it. Apart from that it’s sung by Amit Mishra and he has a soulful voice, directed by lovely Singh whom I know and have worked in the past.

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As actors are now making their way into singing can we see you singing as well?
(Laughs) I am a worst singer. I can’t do this. My sister is a very good singer.

Are you making comeback in movies as well?
Yes, I am currently shooting for BORIVALI KA BRUCE LEE which is a fun film and has kids, and lots of action like Kung Fu. I am sure people will love it.

Any role that interests you and would want to do in future?
I would love to do roles that Sridevi did in LAMHE or something like CHANDANI as well.

Would you like to be part of a biopic?
I don’t know. I feel it’s scary and I am terrified. You need to be on point when you play a biopic. I haven’t thought about it as of now. And you can’t mess up with a biopic!

What kind of movies do you like watching?
I love horror movies like the real scary ones, but as an actor I love to do roles that are different and challenging. I love comedy films to perform as an actor.

What kind of movies does your son like?
(Smiles) He loves SPIDERMAN a lot. He hasn’t watched any of my film as he is too young. He is just three and a half years old. He saw my music video and was scared and perplexed as why they are hitting his mom, he is too young to understand this.

We often see actors posting pics of their kids on social media but you always stay away from it any reason?
I always wanted my kid to stay out of the negativity of social media. There are so many people who troll and I didn’t want him to face all this, as a mother I was protective. But now when he sees me posting stuff on social media he wants to be part of it and likes to click and post things. I wanted him to be comfortable with social media.

How do you take social media trolls and criticism? Does it affect you?
For first few days I laughed, it doesn’t bother me it only happens when you understand the depth of it. But these things can affect college students, people in building or any individual. Sometimes the fun and troll can take a toll on your mind. It can affect youngsters. Being a celebrity I know the pro and cons but my kid will grow it might affect. I urge the youngsters to take care and believe in oneself.

How has the industry changed?
A lot. These days we see interviews happening live. Social media is an effective tool, you can connect to fans right away, post what you feel. For instance from past few days after the music video the response that I got and the encouragement was immense. I am not a party person I travel a lot and I am private person. I live a simple life. I have been like that. I am just entering into other social platforms. As far as being seen in parties is concerned I am not into it and I don’t like small talks.

How has motherhood changed you?
Motherhood changes you as a person. It brings immense patience and teaches you about unconditional love.

If not an actor what would you be?
I have my restaurant and I believe in this era everyone has the right to become what they want to. I would have been anything I love. There are people who aren’t actors and doing just fine.

As you are a restaurateur how do you maintain such an amazing figure?
I am vegan for 7 years. I do mediation and yoga. I am not into workout. I eat right, I smile a lot and lead a stress free life. I am surrounded by good people and stay out of negative people.

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