Ayushmann Khurrana: I tell stories that are essentially rooted in Indian microcosm

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Actor Ayushmann Khurrana feels he has celebrated and represented India correctly through his films which have resonated with the world. “I try to tell stories that are essentially rooted in the Indian microcosm and are about real people and their real lives in our culturally diverse country,” said the 36-year-old actor.

He added: “I think that’s why these stories have resonated with people not just in India but also with Indians who live abroad or with people who are interested to know more about our country.”

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Ayushmann will continue delivering important messages through next projects such as “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui”, “Doctor G” and “Anek”.

“It is an honour for anyone to represent their country well on the global stage and if I’m doing this through my content-oriented films then I’m humbled,” he said.

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