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B.A. PASS directed and produced by Ajay Bahl, is the latest addition to the genre of films, which pick up the stories and converts them into a successful content and making it a talk of the town. B A PASS is one of those films in the recent times, which has been coveted with awards in one form or the other wherever it has been shown. Ready for release in the mainstream theatres, it is an adoption for the story written by Mohan Sikka titled ‘The Railway Aunty’ and was a part of the compilation DELHI NOIR. As a matter of fact after adoption of Mohan Sikka’s story as the content for B.A. PASS, DELHI NOIR came out with a second print edition, which had the stills of the films as the cover page.

download B A PASS wallpapers
download B A PASS wallpapers

There could not have been better publicity for the film B.A. PASS as also the book DELHI NOIR had a cinematic representation not been given to one of the stories of the books, and who knows that more stories from the book could find a producer and a director for the writers in the book. Ajay Bahl needs to be complimented for picking up a story which has so far been a hush-hush affair- story of a male gigolo- which is now an accepted reality but not has been converted into full scale film, though one finds its oblique references in the few films in recent times.

Such a change of fortune for a book like Delhi Noir after one of its stories was picked up as content for B.A. PASS in the recent times was witnessed in the case of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, where after the phenomenal success of the film, the second edition of the book Q&A came in the rechristened name SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE and the cover had stills from the movie of the same name.

GUIDE was first such film way back in 1965 which was based on the novel by the same name- THE GUIDE written by R K Laxman and which when came into second edition after the release of the film in subsequent editions has stills of the film GUIDE on its cover.

Though there have been scores of films which have been adopted from the works of literature convergence of cinema still as publicity material for the book from which it was adopted was also noticed in the case of SAAT KHOON MAAF, which was based on ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’ written by Ruskin Bond, and subsequent to release of the film the second edition of the book had Priyanka Chopra adorning the covers and it catalyzed the sale of the book as well.

It indeed is a brilliant marketing strategy to use the film to sell the book as it provides a sense of respectability to cinema and makes the participants in the film immortal for all times to come as the kind of sales pitch that the cinematic fraternity provides cannot be done by any other means.

One only hopes that with B.A. PASS the context which Ajay Bahl has put into place in the public domain would be analyzed critically and then the real person of literature would be served as though literature is the mirror of the society, it is cinema by interpreting it that really shows the mirror to the society in real sense of terms.

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