Badshah collaborates with fans for 'Genda phool' Pahari version


Badshah collaborates with fans for 'Genda phool' Pahari version 1

Mumbai, July 13 (IANS) Rap star Badshah has collaborated with fans and singers to create a Pahari version of his hit track “Genda phool”.

He has united with singer Priyanka Meher and rapper Rongpaz for the new track. The song is Badshah’s first Pahari track.


“I am fortunate to have listeners who are so responsive and loving. ‘Genda phool’ now belongs to the listeners and I have tried to mould it in a manner that harmonises with Pahari music sensibilities in the new version. I find Pahari tunes very arresting and melodious and I loved having the opportunity to collaborate with Priyanka and Rongpaz. I can’t wait for the audience’s reaction,” Badshah said.

Priyanka added: “The experience of being on the vocals was amazing. Badshah is a very gifted composer and he knows what he wants from singers. I hope this Pahari rendition is loved just as much I loved singing it.”

Rongpaz shared: “I admire Badshah for making rap and pop such a huge rage in India. I never thought I would have the chance to collaborate with the artist who got the people of the country to appreciate the art form. I am very excited about our Pahari rendition and I await the reaction of listeners.”


Composed by Badshah, written by Badshah and Rongpaz and performed by both the artists along with singer, Priyanka, the Pahari version released on Monday.

In May, Badshah came out with a Gujarati version of “Genda phool” on public demand. Singer Bhoomi Trivedi has sung the version along with Badshah.

The music video of Badshah’s original “Genda phool”, which borrowed slices from an evergreen Bengali folk hit, is themed around Durga Puja, and is directed by Sneha Shetty Kohli. The video features Jacqueline Fernandez.






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