BAJATEY RAHO director believes in simplicity

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Bollywood is known for being an indulgent industry as far as treatment meted out to celebrities is concerned.

In fact during the making of a film, director and the lead actors are known for being the most pampered lot.

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This was the case for BAJATEY RAHO as well, what with producer Krishika Lulla ensuring that not just Shashant Shah and his actors were well taken care of but even other crew members had every requirement of theirs being met.

However there was one requirement from Shashant which stumped her big time. During the film's elaborate shooting schedule in Delhi, he requested her to allocate the smallest possible room to him.

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"That's because he wanted to set an example for people around him to realise that everyone was in there for a purpose and making the film (and not indulging in luxury) was the prime focus," informs a source, "Not that he wanted other actors and crew members to have similar sized or even smaller rooms at their disposal.

He wasn't even getting into that since it was the production's call. However, he wanted to make sure that if at all someone came to him with a trivial query or an issue, that person would think again before asking for more since the captain of the ship himself had allocated limited luxuries against his name."

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When contacted, Shashant gave out a hearty laugh, "Yes, I always take the smallest room in a hotel. This way whether it is my DOP, Production Designer, Costume Stylist or anyone else doesn't have much to complain.

In fact I also travel economy and this way even they do. I understand that you can't expect the same from stars because then there may be a ruckus in the aircraft. Still, from some of the core needs perspective, I keep them all bare minimum. So far it has really worked for me."

Guess this could well go down as one of the 'mantras' for not just 'cost' but even 'complaint' control!

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