Bajrang Bali now meets Ali in Salman Khan’s BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, its ‘politics’ reveals

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That seems to be the 'politics' of the film BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN the film’s director Kabir Khan does not want to talk about now. Following his well-known wont to promote Hindu-Muslim unity and Indo-Pak friendship, the second song of the latest Salman starrer BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, which hits theatres this Eid, is an old Sabri Brothers qawwali re-composed by Preetam and re-rendered by Adnan Sami.

'Bhar Do Jholi Meri Ya Mohammed' does not seem to sound very different from the original to untrained ears. It's Adnan Sami's laidback singing that's different from strong-throated sonorous voice of the original singers. However, the high-octane chorus compensates for the missing dynamism and energy.
The song is also filmed on Adnan Sami, who looks anything but a rustic paan-chewing qawaal. This nearly completes the puzzle. After 'Bajrang Bali, Tod Dushman Ki Nali' we now have a 'Ya Ali' song. The cognoscenti can fill in the gaps now to discover the politics of the film.
The song is filmed on the actual location in Pahalgam (Kashmir) at the Ashmuqam Dargah.

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(Rajesh Kumar Singh is Editorial Consultant for Festivals and Markets for He is a filmmaker, critic and market analyst)

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