Bear Grylls accidentally flashes private parts on Instagram

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New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) In a bizarre incident, well-known adventurer Bear Grylls accidentally exposed himself and flashed his private parts during a livestream on Instagram.

Wearing nothing but his socks, the video of the survival expert, who is best known for shows, including The Island and Running Wild, shocked viewers when he dived stark naked into a lake.

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In the clip, Grylls accidentally flashed his private parts while seemingly diving over the camera completely nude, asides from his water socks, reports

The 45-year-old didn’t appear to notice his mistake as the live video remained on his Instagram page for some time before being deleted.

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It’s not the first time Grylls has done something like this. He previously detailed how he was nude when he proposed to his wife Shara and is a big fan of skinny dipping, according to the media reports.

“I pulled out the ring from my butt cheeks. She was standing there going, ‘What are you doing? She was in a towel and a massive Atlantic roller came and I went, ‘Will you’ and it…took me up the beach,” Grylls was quoted as saying by

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“I had all the seaweed and I was spinning around, so I tried it again and, and in this sort of moment of heavy sedation, she said, ‘Yes,” he added.

The survival expert has three million followers on Instagram.



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