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Being cool despite being overweight: Sanah Kapur in 'Saroj Ka Rishta'

Sanah Kapur is excited with the positive response garnered by the teaser of her upcoming film ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’. She is seen as Saroj in the film, who is chirpy, bubbly and carefree. She loves to roam around Ghaziabad and is not at all conscious about her looks and her body weight, which is 120 kilos.

Sanah said: “I really like watching feel-good cinema and this is also a feel-good film. My favourite Bollywood genre is romantic comedy, so I loved doing ‘Saroj Ki Rishta’ which is of the same genre. As you all have loved the teaser, I am sure you people are also going to love the film as well.”

The actress made her debut in ‘Shaandar’ in which she starred along with her brother Shahid Kapur and father Pankaj Kapur.

Talking about the response to the teaser of the film, Sanah added: “I am glad that people have really loved the teaser. I am getting so much love for my character in the film. I am sure once the film releases in cinemas, people will love it more. I am eagerly awaiting its release.”

Director Abhishek Saxena said the movie is meant to change the popular mindset about overweight people.

“The mindset about overweight people needs to change. They are all normal people just like us. In our film we are not trying to be preachy about the issue but focus more on the relationship of the father and daughter duo,” Saxena said.

The also film stars Randeep Rai, Gaurav Pandey and Kumud Mishra, who plays Saroj’s father.

Produced under the banner of Kapoor Films Inc, Aena Productions, Ambi Abhi Productions and Garg Films, ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ will hit the theatres on September 16.

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