Bejoy Nambiar gets Mani Ratnam’s help for DAVID

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If one thought that post RAAVANAN, Mani Ratnam had entirely disconnected himself from Hindi films then that is untrue. Reason being that for Neil Nitin Mukesh‘s upcoming film DAVID, Ratnam was involved right at the scripting stage. How exactly? Well, read on

view DAVID poster
view DAVID poster

‘Bejoy Nambiar has not just directed DAVID but also written it. It was during this stage itself where he got stuck at certain points. DAVID was a good idea at the root level but quite complex when it came to putting together a cohesive script. This is where he reached out to Mani Ratnam who was glad to consult him and point on places where he needed to strengthen the story telling,” informs a source.

Though Ratnam was busy with his own Tamil film KADAL, he didn’t hesitate when Bejoy came for help since the two have collaborated earlier.

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‘Bejoy has worked with Mani Ratnam as an assistant director and also a line producer. They share a very good relationship and Ratnam was quite keen to know what Bejoy was upto. DAVID was turning out to be a very difficult film since not just are Neil, Vikram and Vinay playing a namesake character David, they are also separated by decades. It was becoming tough to explore common threads but Ratnam was quick to fill in the gaps,” the source adds.

No wonder, Bejoy can be heard thanking his mentor for all the help that he received.

‘As an outsider, he had a different perspective about the film. He pointed nuances that even we writers couldn’t gather. He isn’t called great for no reason,” gushes Bejoy.

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