BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG & Bollywood films on biopic

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BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG has been able to catch the imagination of the nation by the manner in which it has been able to present the life history of arguably one of the finest athletes that the country has ever seen, and the manner in which Farhan Akhtar has been able to live the role.

While Hollywood and other film industries continue to dabble in this genre on a regular basis, Hindi film industry does it in a rather sporadic manner. On the occasion of the release of BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG here is a trip down memory lane of the biopic made so far.

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It also needs to be underlined that our being a country where passions run high, biopic when they are attempted generated controversy in one form or the other. Even then, a trip down memory lane is the demand of the occasion:

DR. KOTNIS KI AMAR KAHANI: Perhaps the first biopic, made in the black & white era by V Shantaram, it had underlined the important role Dr. Kotnis had played in our freedom struggle and where it not for V. Shantaram one would not have known the monumental contribution that he made towards our freedom struggle.

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MEERABAI: it was a biopic which was made twice over, first time when it was made it starred M S Subhalaxmi, while second time Gulzar made it with Hema Malini in key role and the second attempt on this historical character gained more popularity.

SARDAR PATEL: He has been one of the most enigmatic characters of Hindi cinema and Ketan Mehta did justice to his role, and Paresh Rawal as Sardar really recreated the magic of ''Iron man of India''.

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SUBHASH CHAND BOSE: It was Shyam Benegal who took the initiative to bring to live one of the most mysterious characters of Indian history and Sachin Khedekar as the Sardar did an accomplished job.

MANGAL PANDEY: Ketan Mehta again revived this character from history, which has an element of enigma associated with it, and it was the enigma vis-a-vis the cinematic representation that earned ire of few vested groups which tried to stop its screening.

The examples of biopic are sporadic and too far in between, primarily owing to the fact that though censor boards may clear it, the lurking danger of undeclared censorship from vested interests loom and therefore few muster the courage to dabble in this genre.

One only hopes that with the commercial success of BHAG MILKHA BHAG more initiatives would be taken up by the film industry to come up with more biopic and bring to live characters forgotten in the annals of Indian history.

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