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Check out Bhanujeet Sudan Singh’s friendship with Aniruddh Dave

Who says it's tough to make friends in the showbiz? Ask actor Bhanujeet Sudan Singh and he'll tell you about the amazing friendship he shares with his Patiala Babes co-actor Aniruddh Dave. The two met sometime back and are thick as thieves.

"We both met in 2015, we were both doing a show where we used to shoot in Umbergaon. We used to stay there and come back to Mumbai every three to four days. We used to shoot for long hours together, so that’s where our friendship started. There was nothing to do so we used to sit back after shoot talk and have great fun," says Bhanujeet. 

Ask him what he loves about Anirudh, and be says, "Aniruddh is like my younger brother he is fun. We sit and talk a lot and it’s always on intelligent and knowledgeable subjects. But we also have a lot of fun, eat food together on the set rather than sitting in our respective rooms. We are brothers."

The two love working together. "This is not the first time we are working together. In our previous show, I was playing his elder brother. He was my naughty younger brother. It's fun working together as we share a lot of things. We give each other advice when shooting and understand what could be wrong or right. He helps me like a brother," he says. 

The actor adds that there is no competition between friends. "Competition is between those who wants to let each other down. There’s no competition between two brothers. Competition is between people who feel a complex with each other. That is not between us. We like each other’s work, we are brothers in real terms. He is like family to me. I’ll be more happy if Aniruddh gets an award instead of me and I think he would feel the same," he says.


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