BHOOT RETURNS is the right comeback, says J. D. Chakravarthy

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After SATYA and DURGA, Chakravarthy went on to direct a film (DARWAZA BANDH RAKHO) for Ram Gopal Varma. However after that he got busy with his Telugu assignments (both as an actor and director) due to which there was a long hiatus before he decided to return to Bollywood again. If the long wait wasn’t enough, he also chose a horror film as his comeback affair.

view BHOOT RETURNS stills
view BHOOT RETURNS stills

“Guess what, I am happy that I didn’t work on anything else in between,” Chakravarthy smiles, “I personally think that a film like BHOOT RETURNS is just the right comeback. The way Ramuji narrated the film was a good enough reason for me to immediately say yes.”

Now that he is back to Bollywood for good with BHOOT RETURNS, Chakravarthy says that it was destiny that played a huge role in him emerging out of the shadow of SATYA.

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“While we were doing SATYA, we never knew that it would not just turn out to be a superhit but also a trend setter. Anyways, I also have an active film production company down South and am committed to that. I would continue to juggle between both the industries.”

Well Chakri, how about a sneak peak in SATYA 2 as well which Ramu would be starting this December?

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